January 18, 2007

Happy New year, everyone!!

How are you?

It's been a long time with no new posts..... and it's already 18th January!! Oh, no...Time flies like crazy!!

It's really really cold outside. Please take care, everyone:)


Andy said...

More Maki drawings! :) Those colors are great!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap Smaki, you've been holdin' out on us, these are gorgeous. They seem a lot more solid than your usual stuff, more finished I mean, they look more fleshed out and have some solid structure. The girl sitting with the dog is amazingly good, full of everything that makes a great drawing. I totally want to steal your abilities Highlander style...watch your back Smaki!!!

Dave said...

So awesome and inspirational, Maki!

milkyteets said...

Nice! I love them, they look really cool. I like the old man most.

You stuff looks great colored and cleaned. WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK!?!?!