November 29, 2006

Paper girls

Me and Shiho( are planning to make some art together!
She is a great 3D animator and illustrator. And she is one of the sweetest photographer
I ever seen:) Please check her blog out! She has great eyes....

So I made some paper cut-outs and took pictures of them in Miramichi.
These tiny girls will move to Vancouver next month to see Shiho.
I can stay there for only few days. So my little girls will enjoy that beautiful city instead of me!!

Im super excited about this plan!

November 25, 2006


I went to watch my first ice hockey game in my life!
It was opening night so there are lots of people.
I was so happy to see and draw those people.
We had so much fun!!

November 21, 2006


I went to the coffee shop to sketch people on the weekend with Helle( and Dave:)
It was super nice day, so there are lot of people. (Sometime it is little difficult to see "a lot of people" here...) It was fun!

And I've noticed something.... The baseball caps(but not always "baseball" style) is very very popular in this town! Almost every single guy I tried to draw was wearing one of those. Almost everyone!! I though that's kind of sweet phenomenon:)

November 16, 2006

November 12, 2006

Qween of Heart

This is my Qween of Heart from Alice in Wonderland!
I drew this for Fatkat's drawing jam. The topic was "re-designing a villain character from Disney movie".
I wanted to make her looks more like a card art work. I've started learning how to paint and it is fun!
Thank you for tips, Dave!

November 06, 2006


Sketching people at a coffee shop is fun! If it was with my friends, even more!!