November 21, 2006


I went to the coffee shop to sketch people on the weekend with Helle( and Dave:)
It was super nice day, so there are lot of people. (Sometime it is little difficult to see "a lot of people" here...) It was fun!

And I've noticed something.... The baseball caps(but not always "baseball" style) is very very popular in this town! Almost every single guy I tried to draw was wearing one of those. Almost everyone!! I though that's kind of sweet phenomenon:)


Alexei Martins said...

Great sketches!!!!Love the way that you drawing the baby...perfect!!

crylic said...

nice, you totally killed me and dave last weekend, but thursday, your dead meat Fujimoto!

Maki said...

alexei martins:
Thank you! Yeah, that baby was so cute:)

heheheh! Let's see, Helle.
Let's see....;)

Dave said...

hahaha, yeah Dan is right! Really wonderful sketches:D

Anonymous said...

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