November 29, 2006

Paper girls

Me and Shiho( are planning to make some art together!
She is a great 3D animator and illustrator. And she is one of the sweetest photographer
I ever seen:) Please check her blog out! She has great eyes....

So I made some paper cut-outs and took pictures of them in Miramichi.
These tiny girls will move to Vancouver next month to see Shiho.
I can stay there for only few days. So my little girls will enjoy that beautiful city instead of me!!

Im super excited about this plan!


Dave said...

Such a wonderful idea!!! You did an amazing job on these - just beautiful :D

Keith Dury said...

I love these!

hmmm, that carpet looks so familiar... :3

Dee C.K. said...

these are really great! I love the last pic. something very heartwarming about it. Love it!