July 04, 2007

Candy candy



Dave said...

Awesome work - really dimensional and solid! Your colours are really working well, too :)

G1toons said...

nice illo, very soft touch

Mr.Jack said...

this is tasty. Something about it reminds me of bobby chiu. and stop rendering hair so well you're making everyone look bad.

anim8rix said...

candy candy? is this from a japanese tv series? nice work maki!;)

Maki said...

Thank you for your comments, everyone!


Thanks:) I wanted to have some 60's ish color. Can you tell?


Thank you so much! I tried not to make this looks Photoshop-ey....difficult!


I'm learning lots and lots from Mr. Bobby Chiu...maybe that's why:)


Thank you so much! Heheh, actually it's not from Japanese anime " Candy candy" but I got some inspiration from movie "Candy":)

crylic said...

mmm...nice. really like the hair, nice depth and softness in it.

milkyteets said...

The colors are so warm, i wanna hug her. Awesome drawing, very soft. I like the one below too, great paintings!!!

Maki said...

Thanks, crylic and milky!!

I tried to make her looks French girl. But somehow she looks like Asian....mmm.

Justin said...

Yowza! This is a knock out. Love everything about it. This is up to the level of jack cole water colors. Simply beautiful :)