November 07, 2007

1 hour painting #2

My 2nd " 1 hr challenge" !

My paintings are always little bit de-saturated ( Is it right word? ) every time I post on Blogger...
Does anyone have same problem?


Alexei Martins said...

beautiful work!!!Love the color & design!!
hey I have the same problem.


Dave said...

Another great one! I wonder what they are talking about? :)

Nice colours and texture!

Màriam said...

Yes, I have the same problem. I always have to increase the colour.

Nice painting!

Goro said...

hey maki great to see you doing speedpaints! You're doing great.
Never encountered your problem with the colors...but I upload my stuff manually on my server..maybe it has something to do with an image conversion when you upload your images to blogger...But to me your images look always pretty saturated. Do you increase the saturation before uploading?

Just another question. Do you use the color dodge and burn tool a lot?

Maki said...

alexei martins:

Thank you! Oh, do you have the same problem, too? Thank you for letting me know because I thought my PC is broken or something!


Thanks, Dave! I'm trying like you said, heheh:) It's totally fun!


Thank you! You have the problem, too? hmmm.... Yeah, adjusting color is little tricky, isn't it?


Hey, thanks Goro! I'm learning lots from your speedpainting!

Yeah, I always increase the saturation for uplording to blogger. But lot of time it's not really the same as original :(

About your question, Actually I never use color dodge or burn tool. I play around with level a lot. Maybe that's why my images are saturalted...? Do you think it looks too much?

Goro said...

Oh ok. I asked because some of your pictures look typical for dodge and burn but maybe it's because you need to increase the saturation of the painting before uploading.
It is actually good not to use the dodge and burn tool cause you have no control over the colors. ^^

Love the piano lesson! The colors look beautiful on that.

Maki said...

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Goro!!! I appreciate it lots!