January 31, 2008



Goro said...

cute! Has a lot of appeal. lovely sketch! how are you thesedays?

crylic said...

luvly stuff Maki. I love what you did with the hair, looks amazing. I totally miss you and Davey!

Maki said...


Hi! Thank you for visiting, Goro!

I'm doing pretty good these days:) Try to keep myself busy with fun projects! Making children's book with my brother, making toys, hehehe, lots of fun!

How are you doing?


Thanks, Dan!

I really miss you and Mandi, too, you know!? I hope we can visit you guys someday soon...hmm.
Oh, and I really love your skeches on your blog!(I shouldjust go to your blog and comment ;)

Alexei Martins said...

Beautiful!!!What a special drawing!!Love her face!!!


milkyteets said...

it's cool that what you can call a doodle can look so good. haha :)

really nice drawing!

Goro said...

Wow that sound's fun! I want a toy!

I was superbusy the last couple of weeks...animating like crazy. But I'm doing fine. Hope I can show you the animations soon.

Maki said...


Thank you, Alexei!
It's been a while being away from pencil and pen. So it was super fun! Heheh.


Hey, Milky! Are you back?? How are you?
Thank you for visiting :)


I love your little animation by "DS Animanatee" on your blog! Your " Slam Dunk!" one is amaing!

Dave said...

So much life in your sketches, Maki!