March 29, 2008


How are you, everyone?

It was snowing all afternoon in Vancouver.
I can't wait for summer!

Take care,


Alexei Martins said...

Hi Maki!:)
WOW!awesome composition! I love how delicate and special your art is!
pose, expressions, LOTS of feeling!
his hair style is so cool!!!


milkyteets said...

nice maki :) cute as always and great job on the painting! I also can't wait for summer, today (sunday) was sunny as hell! I hope it gets warmer soon..

mella said...


PaulSketch said...

aww, cute characters! Love the setting of it - the perspective on the building and glimpse of blue sky

crylic said...

Reall nice Makster! I love the shape of the little ones head, looks like an onion. Love the colors too, very summer-y!

Pan said...

I really liked your gallery! Your art is just so cute! Love how they look so soft and warm :)

Maki said...

Thank you so much for your nice comments!

Anonymous said...

im in love with ur art its so awsome