February 16, 2007

At the cafe

I ordered a coffee with milk:)


crylic said...

alright, now i think you have too much time on your hands...quit drawing!!! You make me want to quit my job and just draw all i day. It's definitley paying off tho, your stuff is looking more and more solid everytime i see it, great lines and expressions. There's also a lot of nice natural movement going on in this one, it's like your pro or something :P


Roland Mechael said...

beautiful drawings! so much energy and life into it...thanks for sharing. really love it! ;)

Keith Dury said...

holy cow, you've been busy! i love all your drawings!

i miss you maki!

Dave said...

Beautiful, Maki!

milkyteets said...


How about some coffee with milky and dave? ? ? When are you coming back!? ;p