February 12, 2007

On a train

In Japan, I usually go everywhere by train.
I can get time to just look at people which is super fun:)
I was noticing this old guy was doing same thing like me.
It was so awkward when he noticed I was looking at him....


Goro said...

Have fun in Japan Maki!
So are you the only one of your family who lives outside of Japan?
Love your sketches!

Nihon wa nannenburi?

Maki said...

Hi, Goro! Thank you for stopping by!
I visit my mom at least once a year if I can. Because me and my brother are far from Japan so my mom is all by herself.... I know she understands us and can enjoy her life but... just I miss her;)

Arigatou, Goro!

Dave said...

Nice to see more posting!!! Beautiful drawing as usual and I can't wait to see more. Really nice stuff!

neven said...

Beautiful stuff Maki!
Your sketches are full of life!

Maki said...

Thank you, Dave and Neven!!
Oh I miss you guys. I will check your blog out right now and try to feel like I'm with you guy!!

Goro said...

sokka~ orewa rokunenburi 2005nen no natsu tokyo ni kaetta.
JRpass de ryokou mo dekite tanoshikatta.

Keep it up mate!