April 23, 2007

THE 40 SHOW- Part 2!

Hello, everyone:)

was great!
Lots of awesome artist, lots of people and lots of bottles!!!

Thank you so much for organizing this great show, Mega!


Wynne Chen said...

Those Bottles look Awsome!! I wish I could see them !! Good job, Maki!
I wanna join u all next time:P

shou' said...

Mmm. What a fun show. I am in the same boat as wynne chen.

Am I seeing papier-mâché being used for some of the bottles or are my eyes playing tricks on me again?

The lighting sets it perfectly for your bottle. Great job.

Wynne Chen said...

Oh~~I saw Dave in the photo:P

Lee said...

killer design maki!!
nice job
i love the face!

ken said...

what a cool idea. painting on bottles! I like your design. very cool

maxi said...

muy cool!!!!

Maki said...

Thank you so much, everyone!
The show was great. You can visit the 40 show blog and check out more photos:)