April 20, 2007


Hello hello!

How have you been, everyone?
I just moved to Vanouver. Vancouver is such a beautiful city!!

I will join the art show called " THE 40 SHOW".
Artists paint on a bottle.... sounds super fun, isn't it?
It opens tonight at 8 pm. You can find more info here:


My bottle has the girl with Colt 45!
Have a great day!



crylic said...

Awwww Yeah!!! Nice one Smaki!!! Great job, i love it. She looks likes she's had a bit more than whats gone out of the bottle. haha. Where's Daves?

shou' said...

You have a very chic bottle - simply clean and elegant. Wonderful work.

Congratulations on joining the show. It looks fun.

I was taking a peek at your grad. reel (which btw great piecs, I really enjoyed the conceptual designs) and had a question about your Red Riding Hood animation. Was that produced in Photoshop, animated with Imageready, and put together in premiere?


Maki said...

Hi! Thank you very much for your comments!


Hey, I'm back! heheh. THE 40 SHOW is awesome. Lots of nice stuff there. I really liked your bottles! I will post some pics for the show soon:)


Thank you very much for visiting!
Yeah, that show was pretty fun. I will show you how the show goes on next post;)
And thanks for your nice words to my reel! About the animation for the red riding hood, I designed, animated and put them together in Flash. That was my very first Flash animation. I'm glad you enjoyed it:)